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Cross-cultural Facilitation and Consultancy

Working cross-culturally can be easier, less frustrating and more efficient. 

I offer my expertise as a cultural facilitator for executives, organizations and individuals. My expertise include:

  • Creating a solid platform for collaboration between Danish and Israeli partners 

  • Facilitating sustainable cultural exchanges between Danish and Israeli partners

  • Cross-cultural process management

  • Creating cross-cultural psychological safety, which facilitates innovation and creative thinking

  • Fully appreciating and benefitting from the strengths of both culture 

I am a psychologist with many years of experience with organisations, groups and individuals.

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My Story

I have been researching and writing about the Danish concept tryghed, and the art and craft of creating emotional safety. Like the well known concept of ‘psychological safety’ in organizations, tryghed also relates to learning, innovation and well being.


In my work as a consultant, I draw upon my clinical, practical and theoretical knowledge as well as my vast personal experience with both cultures and my multicultural background.


I was raised in Israel in an English-speaking home, served as a HR officer in the Israeli army and earned my bachelor degree in Israel. I am married to a Dane, earned my masters degree in Denmark, have been raising 3 bicultural children, and have been living and working in Denmark for more than 20 years. 


I speak fluent English, Danish and Hebrew and have a very intimate understanding and appreciation of both Israeli and Danish cultures.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

+45 51923771 in Whatsapp

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